Just to get this right out of the way; I enjoyed this movie. It was an overall great experience, but i’m hard-pressed to find any recent memories more stressful than the viewing of this film.  This movie had an intentional tone and it hit the mark.

Adam Sandler plays the role of a sad gambling addict Howard Ratner, who’s greed and lack of self control sets up a story of a man chaotically scrambling to pay off debts to loan sharks.  The pure chaos and Sandler’s performance makes it a joy to view.

The strong points of this movie are Sandler, and a well written script.  Not only Sandler, but all the actors delivered believable lines and made me really feel like this could have been a real story.  I imagine that the character Howard Ratner is extremely unrelatable to most people, which is what makes this movie so compelling.  It’s not every day you get insight into the life of a jeweler gambling addict, who has nicer possessions than most people while also having less money than most people.  Seeing that same person attempt to juggle home life with the hustle of a man who can never pay off all his loan sharks is pure entertainment.  If such a person exists then there’s no one who could have done a better job of portraying them than Adam Sandler did here.

As far as weak points go, I’d like to know or understand better what was going on with the music in this film.  Particularly the beginning of the film which made me feel like I was having a fever dream.  I personally don’t think the soundtrack fit with the movie but it wasn’t atrocious.

The story being told in Uncut Gems isn’t anything revolutionary, but it tells the story really well and gets a recommendation from me.

Score: 7/10