I had my gripes with the previous book in the Remaining series, but I couldn’t put down The Remaining Fractured. This installment’s main attraction for me is the frequent and fast paced action sequences the likes of which you’ll be familiar with if you’re a fan of the series. The hectic moments are spaced apart by detailed character-development arcs which causes the weight of each violent encounter to be felt deeply. Cheap throw away characters being introduced so that there can be a slaughter later, isn’t a common occurrence. In my opinion this book outshines the previous entries and does everything that you’d expect a great zombie-survival-action story to do.

The characters you love to hate get their comeuppance, plenty of survivor verses survivor in-fighting, and the ever present threat of the infected. The book keeps itself from going stale by forcing the survivors of Camp Ryder to interact with the new type of infected “Hunters” and introduces the fanatic religious cult that has been recruiting or killing every group of survivors they’ve come across.

This book does something new by focusing the story away from Lee in certain chapters, and towards separate groups of survivors who are all working together to help the mission. Captain Harden also faces his most difficult trials in this book as he does his best to delegate responsibility and keep himself alive.

Thrilling suspense, violence, and revenge, this book had it all. I’m very happy with the fourth novel in the Remaining Series, I can’t wait to start the next one.