Hey there guys, I am back at it again with another MK 11 Reaction! This time Mileena returns, and is just as brutal as you remember!

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I honestly think Mileena looks great in this trailer, I know that she’s very polarizing in the FGC right now, you either Stan or you Ban. But I just happen to think she’s a cool MK character and I am happy the more classic characters we get. I think all the palette swap ninjas and female ninjas should just be in every game, personally.

I don’t think Mileena has time to hear me rant about ninjas.

But back to Mileena, she looks GREAT. She’s got all her classic moves, but NRS did a great job making them distinct from the versions of the moves Kitana uses in her Highborn variation. Her Sai projectiles look awesome, I especially like the ones that go low and have a KB attached.

MK Gold skin or I walk, NRS!

Overall I am just happy to see her back, and I hope you guys enjoy my reaction! If you guys like what you see, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my Youtube for more! I got plenty of terrible humor left in the tank!