For most of my life, I have always been a competitive person, and loved competitive games. I have hopped between different Card, Video, and Board games, but I have always been a HUGE fan of fighting games. I watch the tournaments, I follow the players on social, and I constantly think about how great it would be to jump into the tournament scene for myself. For these reasons I have decided to undertake that journey, but in addition to grinding my way and labbing like a maniac, I want to document my progress, and open myself up to criticism along the way. I’d like to save my progress in video and blog form, and put it out there for scrutiny. I believe this will allow for accelerated growth on my end, and allow me to better think about my gameplay, by breaking it down and analyzing it. 

So to get started, I believe we need a reference point to mark the beginning of my journey. I have published my first vid on my Youtube channel of me critiquing my gameplay of a random ranked match for reference. I’d greatly appreciate any and all input on my gameplay, even if it is just to drag me through the mud. 

Please drag me

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