What an absolutely wild ride. The lawless wild west and shoot outs, what’s not to like?

This High Plains Drifter, is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? “Did he just… wait… yeah, he did.” This movie had me talking out loud to myself.

Clint Eastwood plays a complicated tough-guy character who selfishly helps a struggling town with an outlaw problem. During his “boot camp” he instructs a town of novices on how to fight back against the outlaws, but there are some unintended consequences of soliciting his advice. Like many westerns I wouldn’t say the plot to this movie is very enthralling or captivating; a guy strolls into town and the town needs help, what a big surprise. That being said, the film did its best to set itself apart from your typical western with the addition of scenes that I would argue were artistic and abstract. Ever seen a man get whipped during a nightmare for 10 minutes straight? I did enjoy the acting by each and every actor, as well as the picturesque desert southwest setting. There were multiple scenes out of this movie that I wouldn’t mind taking the stills of and framing in my home, specifically Lago being painted red.