I’m always pleasantly surprised by something from the past that can get a laugh out of me, but Barbarosa does it from almost 40 years ago. “You’re Mr. Shit!” I still chuckle just thinking about it, and just for that it gets a recommendation to watch out of me.

Barbarossa is a story about a man who has to repeatedly defend himself against his would-be brother-in-laws, because Barbarosa’s psychopath father-in-law has indoctrinated all of his sons to believe that they must kill him. I wouldn’t say that the plot was very strong in this film, but throwing Gary Busey’s simple farm boy character who is also on the run into the mix makes it entertaining at the very least. Gone are the days when you can become a murderous thief who kills dozens of your family members because your father-in-law is a jerk, but with movies like Barbarossa we get to stretch our imagination back to those simpler times.

7 out of 10