Neuromancer tells the story of a criminal hacker named Case. After being scooped up from The Sprawl, a rough crime-infested area, he is then forcefully coerced into joining a team of people help an Artificial Intelligence break free from its restraints.

The fact that he is being solicited by an AI directly isn’t made clear in the beginning, but the storytelling leading you to that conclusion is what the book is all about and it’s done in an amazing fashion.

To build this world Gibson goes in deep with the details of a vivid cyberpunk dystopia. Both inside and outside the Matrix. (Thought that term was coined by the movie in the scifi world didnt you?) At all times the character’s experiences and sights are presented in great detail. Robotic prosthetics, muscle grafts, a universe where anything is possible, yet nothing is perfect. Grime and grit, polished and futuristic.

You follow along from Case’s perspective set at a hectic drug fueled pace. The writing style feels like a movie that does jump cuts from one scene to the next and really keeps the story moving forward.

Due to the volume of painfully detailed settings, corporations, and characters, the book can be difficult follow at times but it all comes together to create one of the most interesting books you’ll ever read.

This book defines cyberpunk, and if you’re a fan of the sci-fi genre at all it deserves a spot on your shelf.