Who are the real monkeys? I pose this question to frame your mindset for the revelations about to come. First of all, we need to lay the ground work.

What do you see here?

What do you see when you look into a monkey’s eyes? You see a reflection. You see a reflection of the primal nature of man. As our closest living relatives, monkeys hold the key to showing us how far we’ve come in removing ourselves from our nature, our baser instincts. When a monkey picks it butt and sniffs it, we laugh. We laugh but we know that a few less braincells or a long day and we are easily capable of just the same. As a whole, we look down on monkeys. Monkeys are used to exemplify brutishness, stupidity, or simplicity.

What a dumbass.

This stereotype has led us to preeminently judge all hairy hominids as such, stupid. But what if that wasn’t exactly true? We have this forgone conclusion that we are the dominant monkey on this planet, but I want you to open your mind. Open your mind to the possibility that you are not the smartest monkey on Earth. But if not us, who?

Just hear me out.

We are told that Bigfoot is fake. If there was a big dumb monkey in the woods, we would’ve seen it by now. But what if the part of that sentence that was wrong wasn’t the assumption of a large primate in the woods, but the assumption of it’s stupidity? What if Bigfoot isn’t a reflection of our nature, but rather our future? Simple evolutionary theory backs this claim. To understand this, you need to understand divergent vs convergent evolutionary theory.

What if the missing link isn’t missing, just hiding?

What this shows us is how evolutionary paths can diverge, meaning a shared ancestor can spawn 2 descendants. What if we didn’t just split from Chimpanzees? Is it not possible that evolution diverged, creating two equal or near equal species? A concurrent evolutionary partner would have had equally long periods of time to evolve and adapt alongside us, perhaps even more. We haven’t been able to find any evidence of bigfoot, but remember that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Perhaps bigfoot does not want to be found…

Is that a cloaking device?

Bigfoot sightings and UFO phenomena are often treated as separate, but what if our evolutionary brothers can remain hidden BECAUSE they are technologically advanced far beyond what we can imagine? This would explain how we never find any evidence of the species, they simply don’t leave it. But how? How could a technologically advanced society of primates evolve alongside our own without detection? I have a few theories.

Human history is full of references to giants. What if these stories mean more than we think?

Giants play a large role in human history. Throughout our evolution, stories of giants and man have played a pivotal role. If we diverged and evolved alongside Bigfoot, perhaps these were the giants of lore. It would explain how we have stories of giants in pasts, but no evidence of them or bigfoot now. But why can’t we find evidence? What happened to sever the brotherly ties that bound our concurrent evolution? I think it was a classic case of man’s hubris and greed. If we had a lager, smarter monkey, just like chimps do, we would have ripped them apart. Well if there was a war between man and giant, where is the proof? Where did they go?

Just like Cain and Abel, a war between brothers results in the death.

If we waged war on our giant brothers, how could we have won? In my theory they are technologically advanced, larger, and smarter. It would have been an uphill battle to say the least, but never underestimate the evil in man’s heart. When faced with losing a fair fight, man refuses to fight fair. So how did we manage to rid our world of giants? We took our world out from under them. If we took away the ground they stand on, they’d have no footing from which to fight. So how could this happen? Simple. We sunk them.

Was Atlantis the home of Bigfoot?

Atlantis is often storied as the lost city of a technologically advanced ancient civilization. Is it not possible this civilization was that of our giant brothers, Bigfoot? It would make sense. Bigfoot, betrayed and faced with exile, as a survival necessity would need to become a recluse. With advanced technology and intellect, Bigfoot could develop the UFO and cloaking technology associated with aliens. What if our perceptions of higher lifeforms aren’t from another planet, but from our own? This is much more plausible when you consider the facts.

This could be how Bigfoot has managed to evade detection.

It is possible we, as brutish, boorish primates attacked and alienated our evolutionary brothers. If this is true, it would show that we in fact are not as far removed from our baser instincts as we tend to believe. War torn and godless societies cover a divided globe, and the very structure of reality bares the fruit of our toxic seeds, seeds sown by a murderous and deceitful hand. If we truly let our greed and jealousy divide us from the truth, how does that differ us from a chimp, scratching and sniffing on a whim? It doesn’t, so that begs the question. Who are the real monkeys?

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

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