Hey guys just a quick update for you on where I am in MK 11 right now. I played some Kombat League this morning and ended up playing 2 guys twice, so I had the unique opportunity to score a runback W.

My opponent was beating me fairly in the first set, I was just waking up and quite mashy. I failed repeatedly to take my turn or punish him for anything. I quite often just hit a D1 when he whiffed instead of literally anything else. He wasn’t respecting me at all, and why would he? I basically didn’t do anything. Well, 1 cup of coffee and 2 warm up sets later, we would once again collide.

Things are different when I press buttons.

So in the second match I knew my opponent wasn’t going to respect me, but I also knew I played like complete ass in the first set. This was my key to victory, I knew I could play better than that and he didn’t. I played more patiently, challenged his buttons more, and most importantly I took my turns when I could. I got the W in the first game and my opponent quit before the second, so I knew the job was done.

Well this KL season has been ass, complete and utter booty, but I am having fun. I think switching characters each season is going to have a positive impact, as I will at least have a functional knowledge of how to play any character. I will run through the roster, then find one character to specialize with. My next KL character is….

Sindel was rounded up to 34% on the mobile app, so that’s the one.

So F4 city it is. Edenia, here I come…

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