Today’s video shows a close match I had with a Liu Kang player, and it was very close. In this match, had I done what I know I should, I easily could’ve won. I fail to hit confirm multiple times, and it cost me a lot of opportunities for damage. I drop a few conversions as well, so I need to work on that. I feel like lately I have been playing a bit brain dead in neutral, running out meaty mids when I shouldn’t. I could probably benefit from mixing it up a bit more too, as I don’t utilize all of Kotal’s strings. His 122 string is very good, and I only ever do 12 special cancel. In the video we do see me do 122 then advance with F121 to get the punish KB. This is something I could do more, it is a great set up in neutral and opens up my other options more as well. Basically, I need to not play like a potato.

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