Sojourn is a word that means “A temporary stay.”  In this bleak yet daring adventure, Drizzt finds himself wandering from one place to the next in search of a place he may call home.  What he finds is hostility and an unforgiving landscape. 

Drizzt’s journey in Sojourn is a harrowing one, but his hardships really help to build and solidify his character.  Each one of his many encounters is a fully engrossing experience that will keep you hooked page after page, whether it be dialogue with a new friend or battle with a new enemy.  As the adventure is unfolded in front of you, you can’t help but appreciate how much the dark elf trilogy has been a masterpiece in world building and storytelling.  

Drizzt leaves the underdark at the end of the last book Exile, and begins his journey in Sojourn on the surface of the world where his confidence wanes due to the constant pressure from the adversity set upon him.  He becomes humbled by the harsh conditions of winter.  His ancestral background being a member of the drow race leads to many unfriendly encounters.  His powers and weapons are losing their edge under the power of the sun.  After building up Drizzt as a formidable and capable warrior, Sojourn tears him down. 

The few hopeful encounters for Drizzt end in tragedy but give him a better understanding of what to expect in the foreign land.  All evil wasn’t left behind in the Menzoberranzan, and things tend to go poorly for the people who ally themselves with the dark elf. 

In one positive story arc which happens to be my favorite, Drizzt encounters an old ranger by the name of Montolio.  Montolio Debrouchee is a blind and eccentric man who takes in the drow after studying him curiously.  He watches Drizzt’s take refuge in a bear den, without causing trouble for the bear and living next to it amicably, and finds that the drow is an anomaly that may have a tale worth hearing.  After discovering that Drizzt has principals and is a person of character, Montolio mentors him and ultimately helps him in getting in touch with nature.  Drizzt sets down the path to obtaining the required to navigate himself as a Ranger.

“Principals are a reward in and of themselves.”

Bands of orcs, barghest whelps, bounty hunters, and dragons all make an appearance as hurdles in Drizzt’s path towards finding home.  If you’re a fan of high fantasy you’ll have plenty to nerd out over in this entry to the Forgotten Realms book series and I would highly encourage you to take the time to read these books if you haven’t done so already. 

Sojourn ends on a high note both in the story, and as an end to The Dark Elf Trilogy.  This has become one of my favorite book series without a doubt. 10/10

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