Has anyone gone to check on Kim Stanley Robinson lately?  I’m not entirely convinced that the man didn’t colonize mars and write the book from there. 

Red Mars is a deeply scientific look into colonizing mars. If you had the means i’m sure you could use this novel as a guide to actually terraform the planet.  It is very well researched, or at least well imagined, beyond what I can discern from being either science or science fiction. 

Red Mars is by all means a well written book and deserves all the praise that it gets, but I ultimately did not enjoy reading it.  As I read the book I kept hoping for something more.  The scope and politics surrounding Earth’s elite scientists working together (or not so together) to make Mars habitable has moments of great creativity. The novel presents some interesting thought experiments related to differing philosophies that emerge from the action of terraforming and inhabiting a new land.  That being said, I didn’t particularly care for any of the characters or develop a closeness with them throughout the entire story.  Multiple plots begin to emerge, or diverge. Until the absolute end of the book where there are some moments of thrill and mystery, I found myself wishing for some element of fantasy or for the “fiction” element of this science fiction novel to pop.  The book felt as dry as Mars. (bad joke bad joke, I know they find water on Mars)

If Red Mars is on your radar as a book to read don’t let me stop you, but I didn’t find much enjoyment in it.  I’ve replaced the sequels Blue Mars and Green Mars on this year’s reading list with some other books I’ve been looking forward to, and I’ll revisit this series at a later date.  Perhaps when i’m looking into terraforming my own planet some day.


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