The 90’s were different, trust me.

As someone who is a lifelong fan of the Pokemon TCG, I have spent years playing, dropping, and picking back up the competitive card game that is Pokemon. I remember my first Pokemon League at 9 years old; I am pretty sure I was playing Blastoise at the time. As someone who has stop/started the game so often, I always find myself having to relearn the new metas, new card types, and play catch up. Whether you need to learn how to play Pokemon cards, or are simply looking for a refresher, this guide will outline all the tools and sites I use to get my head in the game. The first, and most important thing that you need is to download the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Seriously the best TCG Online Client for any game I have played.

Free to play, multiple play styles, and a beginner friendly platform make PTCGO a no brainer. Easy to pick up and hard to put down, you will sink countless hours into this platform, and love every minute of it. Every pack of real Pokemon cards also gives you an online booster pack, and many online sellers can sell you these packs digitally as well. You are going to be able to earn packs, cards, and prizes starting with the free theme deck you are given. After that, you are going to want to build yourself a competitive deck and test your metal in the ladders, and in the in platform tournament system. For this, you are going to need to find some competitive deck lists. there are a few fantastic resources on this, starting with a few great websites.

Limitless TCG

This site has everything really has everything you could possibly want, from tournaments to decks and so much more. This is your #1 spot to find out what is happening in the competitive world of Pokemon TCG. Standard decks, Expanded decks, and regular weekly tournaments are all here, and easy to get into. You’ll spend a while getting used to navigating the site, but once you do, you will call it home.


No duh

Of course I had to mention YouTube. There are so many good channels for learning about competitive Pokemon, but narrowing down which are the best is the hard part. From deck lists to gameplay, here are the channels I find the most helpful/fun:

  1. Tricky Gym
  2. Zach Lesage
  3. Zapdos TCG
  4. The Sableyes
  5. OmniPoke
  6. KooGus_FGC (Shameless Self Promotion)

Check all of these channels out and make sure to subscribe!

Retro Pokémon TCG

Serious Nostalgia ONLY

If you are interested in past metas, or reclaiming your childhood, Jason Klaczynski’s Blog is a seriously in-depth labor of love from a former world champion. Jason is considered by most to be the G.O.A.T of the Pokemon TCG, and his strategical insight is evident here. Take a look and come at me whenever you want a match. I have already built about 8 of these decks!

However you choose to enjoy the Pokemon Trading Card Game, I hope this blog and these resources are as valuable to you as they are to me! If you want more TCG fun, follow me on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube for more!