Hey there guys, it’s been a minute. After my last local, I haven’t really played or posted much. With school now being online and possibly my work slowing down or closing, you better believe your boy is gonna be posting a lot more!

So just to catch you all up, my last local was a blast. There was pizza, MK, and fun all around. I didn’t make it on stream this time, but I went 1-2 and had a good time. The next locals is gonna be online for obvious reasons, and I can’t wait to enter that. I felt like I did ok at the last one, but nerves got to me when I didn’t think they would and I choked. I also was winning my third match, but I psyched myself out and tried to adapt before my opponent, and that means I played differently than what was working and I lost.

For today’s video, it’s just a casual match between me and a friend, ZayFW. He’s really great, so make sure to check him out on Twitter and everywhere else. We both played joker, and after about 2 hours of matches this was the final match. The reason I chose this one to upload is it was just so ridiculous the way it ended. Not a good representation of our matches, but fun and insane so I figure the Joker would approve.

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