I told you. I told you all. I’m playing Kano baby, and there’s no going back. I’ve embraced the Dirtbag life style and even tho I’m about to be 30, I’m still a rippah.

All joking aside, I saw how much success BiohazardCMNDR has had playing Kano, and I had to try him out. This match doesn’t show off as much of the hard work I’ve been putting in with Kano, as I basically just F1 this guy to death, but the first round features a massive comeback and you get to see some swaggy back breakers. I’ll be back to analyzing my gameplay in tougher matches soon, but I just wanted to post to get back in the swing of it and keep you guys updated with where I am at.

As far as characters go, I have a lot of fun with Kano. If I have the chance to be disrespectful and break backs I’m gonna do it, but I think I’m gonna keep Kano in my pocket and use Joker and Kotal moving forward. I have been loving joker, and he is so fun to play.

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