Diddy’s Kong Quest (conquest heh) is an amazing platformer for the SNES that lives up to name of the legendary series. This game bumps up the difficulty with increased complexity in the level design, and a wider array of enemies. The changes from the first game improves the replayability in this title, as I found myself beating levels simply any way I could knowing that I was missing out on secret areas.

Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by King K. Rool so the plot involves the player controlling both Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie Kong. The addition of Dixie Kong is a welcome one, as she has the ability to float during a fall and bridge wide gaps and makes the ability to dodge in the air much more simple.

The mix up between the levels and the atmosphere for each one is top notch, as one level may be a typical platforming stage, and the next could be a race between parrots in a jungle of thorns. The game also plays with mechanics such as slippery ice and sticky floors of honey, which make those precise jumps all the more difficult to land. We see a return of shooting barrels, animal companions, and underwater levels just to name a few of the staples from the first title. I also need to mention that sound design in games is important, but has never been a main focus for me while i’m playing. That being said, this game uses amazing music and environmental sounds to build an atmosphere that is impossible to ignore.

DKC2 is a must play and must own for the SNES! You may breeze through a handful of levels just to get caught up on a difficult one enough to rage quit for weeks at a time as I did, but that just makes completing the game that much more satisfying.