The collection grows! This month I’ve added a few games to the collection, some old, and some less old.

My very first shmup, Gradius, for the NES has been re-acquired. Where my original copy went I’ll never know, but I’m super excited to have it again. I’ve always loved this game for it’s unique powerups which make you feel invincible early on despite the enemies being fast and plentiful. For me though, no matter what powerups you’ve acquired it starts to feel hopeless near the Maoi statue portion of the the game. If I ever get past that area I’ll get to see what that rest of the game offers, but that’s the extent of my experience with the game due to the difficulty.

Next up we’ve got X-Men for the Sega Genesis. Growing up I never owned X-Men but my friends did, so I’ve gotten to play this game before but I’m not that familiar with it. My recollection only goes so far as the ability to teleport behind walls with Nightcrawler, and that there are nightmarish Pterodactyls in a jungle level. I’ll be expanding upon those memories here shortly.

Lastly I’ve gotten the 2016 DOOM for ps4. With DOOM Eternal’s release I was reminded that I had not yet played the earlier release. I’ve heard exclusively good things about DOOM so I’m happy that I’ll have the chance to see how it is for myself. Just as soon as I figure out which games to delete off my PS4 to make room.

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out next month for the next monkeyscrolls pick-ups post! If you ever feel inclined to talk about older games with like minded folk check r/patientgamers over at or feel free to comment here on any related posts.