The Remaining Allegiance is a somber tale and an adequate addition to the series. Captain Lee Harden shows the wear and tear of his struggles now more than ever, and the longstanding survivors of his group begin to succumb to the pressure of impending infected hordes. Compounding failures result in many deaths, Camp Ryder begins to fumble negotiations with other groups, and the line between right and wrong become increasingly blurred.

Lee’s right hand man LaRouche has seemingly sided with the religious murderous zealots “The Followers”, and the mission to stop infected hordes from descending into the south by blocking critical choke points are unsuccessful. Lee reaches out to surviving branches of the military for assistance, but the assistance he recieves is too little too late. The majority of this story is gloomy and hopeless.

The only reprieve for Lee comes in the form of air support during a life and death battle. As he solely fends off a group of infected that have once again breached the walls of Camp Ryder, a helicopter swoops in and guns them down just in time. The book ends in a cliff hanger just as you are introduced to Lee’s savior.

The strong point of this novel is the story being told around Lee and Camp Ryder, which makes it definitely feel like a set up for the next book more than anything else. The camp life and post apocalyptic woes of the survivors take a back seat as we gain more backstory on people who betrayed Lee, and of the people who may help him. Behind the scenes a complicated web is woven beside the main storyline, and sets up what may be an explosive ending to the series in The Remaining Extinction. The suspense is tremendous, I can’t wait to begin the next one.


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