My May 2020 Game Pickups features some nostalgia harboring Sega Genesis titles that I had been missing from my collection; Boogerman, Sonic and Knuckles, Virtual Bart, and World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have joined the roster!

Boogerman is a platformer that appealed strongly to the five year old inside of me. Boogerman is a cape wearing superhero who attacks goblins and other enemies with an arsenal of boogers, farts, and burps. From what I remember, the levels are decorated with plenty of snot and other gross effects. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I had rented this game from our local Blockbuster growing up, and it’s the perfect nostalgia bump to get a physical copy of this game added to my collection.

Sonic and Knuckles, I will have to admit that I am not too familiar with. For me personally it was one of those games I had memories of because a friend had it, but not myself. What I do remember is that when you insert older sonic games into the latch on the top, you could combine them and play as Knuckles in either Sonic 2 or Sonic 3, which of course blew my mind.  If I were asked, I would tell you I was a huge Sonic fan but I can’t honestly say I’ve ever been able to beat one besides Sonic Adventures 2.  I will likely attempt to beat the earlier Sonic games at some point before I get around to Sonic and Knuckles. This one is going pretty far into my backlog, but I happened to find it for a pretty good price so I couldn’t pass it up.

Virtual Bart is a title that I have great memories of, and was another go-to rental for me growing up. There are a few games that I rented so many times I am positive it would have been cheaper to buy them outright, and Virtual Bart was one of them. I love the Simpsons, and in Virtual Bart you play through a collection of mini games as Bartholomew JoJo Simpson himself. I remember certain levels being wildly difficult whether that was due to my young age, or poor controls, I can’t quite remember. I have fond memories though of a tomato throwing level where you have to target all your classmates while hiding across the street at the school. I can’t with confidence say that Virtual Bart is a good game, but I do enjoy it.

World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is another platformer that I used to love. What I remember most is that I was amazed by the levels and the visuals in this game. I recall the distinct feeling of playing through a dream.  During my next playthrough I may not be as enamored by the thirty year old level design and art, but I have no doubt that it will be a fun trip down memory lane.

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