The Remaining Extinction is an explosive end to the six part series featuring Captain Lee Harden.

“I’m running short on time long on problems.”

Betrayal and enemy operations are not the only obstacles standing in the hero’s way this time, the horde of millions of infected have finally descended from the north and are knocking on Camp Ryder’s doorstep.

This would not be a proper addition to The Remaining series or review without mentioning that there’s plentiful action and violence.  Extinction continues to ramp it up so that the series can end in a glorious blaze.

There are many loose ends from the earlier entries in the series, and Extinction successfully ties them all up. The operation to save the entire state and southern US comes to a head, as the group lures the horde to a point within artillery range when betrayal nearly derails the entire operation. At any point in the story there are multiple wheels turning, each telling a story of separate groups and factions, and you can’t help but become invested in each one.

The suspense is laid on heavy in The Remaining Extinction and doesn’t let up until the very end. Cliffhangers keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting, as some of your favorite characters are repeatedly put into situations of mortal danger.

People are lost along the way and it cuts deep as the cast of characters dwindle, leaving Captain Harden with a victory that feels nearly empty were it not for the hopeful path forward.

The end of the series is a gratifying one, as Captain Harden’s mission to reestablish society is closer to being complete than it ever has been. I would definitely recommend that anyone read the entirety of this series, as it’s become one of my favorites.


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