In case it is unknown, I AM A HUGE RESIDENT EVIL FAN!

Here is your evidence!

There, with that out of the way I can tell you all how excited I am for RE 8! I am one of the few people who grew up playing the original tank controls RE games on PS1 who also loves the FPS perspective of RE 7. While RE 7 lacks the same vibe as the original trilogy, RE 8 is poised to be the best of both worlds. From the settings to the involvement of Chris Redfield, I am getting MAJOR RE 1 and RE:CV vibes. The “Castle” setting looks great, and reminds me of the Castles and Mansions of past games, while looking better than ever in the RE Engine.

Big RE:CV vibes here, down to the weird siblings…

I didn’t get much story from the “Story Trailer”, but what I did get was some names, and some more footage of the world. We learned that there will be a greater enemy diversity, which was one of my big gripes with RE7. We learned Ethan has a baby that Chris took, and we learn that there is a weird family preparing a ceremony, probably for that baby.

Give me back my baby, Chris…

So with all that said, just take a look at my new reaction video and let me know what you think!

Nice thumbnail, bro.

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